It’s not often that a pitcher has a sub-2.00 ERA and has both a lower FIP and xFIP but that’s the trifecta that new Mets closer Edwin Diaz pulled off last year. In 73.1 IP, Diaz had a 1.96 ERA, a 1.61 FIP and a 1.78 xFIP. A 15.22 K/9 certainly helps in all three categories, as does a 2.09 BB/9.

If you want to nitpick, you can say he’s only a one-inning guy. In 73 appearances last year, only three times did he get four outs in a game and he never pitched more than that. But hopefully the Mets’ pen will be comprised of multiple other guys who can get six outs at a time and make that a moot point.

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  • MattyMets

    While I don’t like the parameters of the big trade, this kid has the potential to be the best closer we’ve ever had. Will be nice to know the 9th is locked down. 18 blown saves is quite a barrier to success.

    • Eric Bloom

      yup. we convert 14 of those instead and we’re in it to the final weekend.

      • Brian Joura

        But it’s not that easy.

        Robert Gsellman had 7 blown saves last year and not one of those happened in the 9th inning. Since Diaz will almost exclusively pitch in the 9th, he wouldn’t have changed one of those.

  • David Groveman

    Current Depth Chart

    1. Brandon Nimmo (RF)
    2. Amed Rosario (SS)
    3. Michael Conforto (LF)
    4. Peter Alonso (1B)
    5. Robinson Cano (2B)
    6. Travis d’Arnaud/Kevin Plawecki (C)
    7. Jeff McNeil/Todd Frazier (3B)
    8. Juan Lagares (CF)
    9. Pitcher

    C2: Kevin Plawecki
    CI: Todd Frazier
    MI: Gavin Cecchini
    OF4: Dominic Smith
    Util: T.J. Rivera

    1. Jacob deGrom
    2. Noah Syndergaard
    3. Zack Wheeler
    4. Steven Matz
    5. Jason Vargas

    CL. Edwin Diaz
    SU. Robert Gsellman
    SU. Drew Smith
    MR. Tyler Bashlor
    MR. Bobby Wahl
    MR. Tim Peterson
    LR. Seth Lugo

  • Eraff

    Dave G….. lot’s of work to be done—that “roster” needs more quality and more depth

  • Name

    Well the Mariners followed up a great Mets trade with a horrible Phillies trade. Why did they have to take on any money to trade away Segura, who has been a solid 3+ WAR player the last few years… and that only netted a failed prospect.

    If the Phillies were looking to give away Segura and eat money i would have rather the Mets done Segura for Rosario/Bruce/Swarzak.

    Also, i feel bad for the Mariners fans as the front office took the easy way out by “rebuilding” and giving themselves job security instead of trying to continue to compete

    • Chris F

      I thought the exact same thing, and would’ve gladly eaten all the Segura contract.

      But….as the architect of Cano’s disastrous deal, BVW is mistakenly smitten with his former client, to the point of failing to see Segura as a much better player.\

      That does not bode well.

      • Bob P

        Pun intended?

    • TexasGusCC

      More egg on the face of BVW is the Segura deal. Roxie, you forgot Segura was a CAA client too?

      You know, I like that Phillies GM. He’s very shrewd. He took a year to learn all the players in the system and then started dealing. I wonder if Bloom makes this deal…

      Joe Magrane made a fabulous point tonight on MLBN. He said that the great numbers Cano had after coming back need to be looked at as fresh legs numbers. What happens when he plays a whole season consecutively without the benefit of an 80 game lay-off to restrenghten?

  • MattyMets

    Interesting wrinkle to add…what if when the new CBA is negotiated in 2021 the National League gets a DH? Would make for a soft landing for a certain aging second baseman.

  • Eraff

    Matty brought up the d’Arnaud signing on another thread, and it’s an interesting topic. He’s a $5million lottery ticket on 2019…healthy, he can provide some offense as a Catcher.

    Travis is a FA in ’20, so I’m wondering about their “liability” and their upside in 2019…do they know He can Play? Do they see him a possible RH Bench Bat, Left Fielder?

    The Guy was a Crappy thrower, healthy—what’s his status? What’s the recovery of TJ Position Players?

    Is this an indication of looser purse strings?

    • Chris F

      I think this is entirely a <1M$ insurance deal to get through the winter. If he is released before the season the cost is cheap. It gives BVW time to find the C he wants without making him looked pinned in a corner to overpay. I see this as, sure we want a catcher, but we can make due. If he does get a Grandal or whomever, then he can release TdA.

      • Eraff

        Ok…. so they can release him and their financial obligation ?

        • Name

          Arb contracts are not fully guaranteed when signed. If the player is released before the season starts, they will only get either 1/6 or 1/4 of their contract, depending on exactly when they are released.

          MLBTR lists his expected arbitration at 3.7 mil, so releasing him before Spring training will only cost the Mets only 600k-900k. Thus, as Chris explained, retaining him is like an insurance policy in case we don’t find a better option, and the exposure is actually <1m. The Mets did the same thing with Tejada back in 2016, before eventually signing Asdrubral Cabrera

  • Eraff

    ok—very understandable move, in that case…. “before Spring Training”—as in ending or reporting?

    • Chris F

      It depends on when in ST an arb player is released.

      “Players on arbitration contracts who are cut on or before the 16th day of Spring Training are owed 30 days’ termination pay (based on the prorated version of his agreed-upon arbitration salary). A player cut between the 16th day and the end of Spring Training is owed 45 days’ termination pay (based on the prorated version of his agreed-upon arbitration salary). The arbitration salary becomes guaranteed if the player is on the 25-man roster when the season begins.”

  • Eraff

    VanWags used the W word —- World Series

    At last!

    Editor’s Note – Capitals, Eraff, really?

    • Eraff

      I didn’t notice the Caps—you always do. It’s part of my writing style. I think we both over-do it on Caps

      • TexasGusCC

        Be careful Eraff. The emperor is very strict on that, LOL!

  • Chris B

    Mets made contact with the Marlins on JT Realmuto again recently. I wonder what type of package gets it done – I’d imagine Wheeler, Giminez, Lindsay.

    • TexasGusCC

      They want Nimmo or Conforto. Think Conforto/Nimmo, Petersen and Giminez.

      Why don’t they just sign free agents and protect their future? Free agents have become much cheaper, after all.

  • Chris F

    I don’t know…I just have an itchy feeling…BVW is gonna land JT Realmuto…and its gonna hurt a lot more than what we witnessed today.

  • Chris B

    Now reading that talks are gaining more traction, Nimmo, Conforto or Rosario would be the centerpiece.

    • TexasGusCC

      Now we know why BVW was hired, Bloom would never do these moves. Probably not even Melvin.

      For two years control of a catcher they will do that? Morons of the highest order.

  • Eraff

    Breaking Big Rocks to make little ones…then you sweep up all the little rocks and you make them into Big ones.

    You trade all your prospects for a Player…then you Trade Syndergaard for Prospects…Then you sign a High Priced inferior Pitcher…..then you trade one of your !!!2!!! remaining outfielders so that you can get a Catcher….. then you trade the Pitcher you signed for an Outfielder……..

    ….I’m lost…but he did say “World Series”…he said it!!!

    • Mike Walczak

      For the price, I dont want Realmuto. He is overrated. Just sign Grandal and be done with it. If he trades more of our young talent, if we don’t win the world series soon, our window will close and we could really suck in four years.

      Now, of all things, Corbin had to sign with the Nats. Now, we need to really keep Syndergaard. The NL East is going to a tough division.

  • Chris F

    Lets all be honest now. This “win now” mode is something we’ve all seen before. It smacks of Glavine, Henderson, Pedro etc etc. We know how this ends.

    Jeffy lives for days like today, not days in October. He is easily persuaded at how good the team is and that its “so close” we need one major piece who has produced and will continue as a Met. And so we bring in over-the-hill types on horrific contracts, and fail miserably. Next on the block is AJ Pollack, who hasn’t played 120 games in a year in ages. The has the feel of AJ Preller in SD, and most likely headed the same direction.

    So the world gets younger and we get older…ra ra.

    • TJ

      I have to say that despite the increased interest and salesmanship, I just don’t have a good feeling about where this is and where it’s going, with respect to the Mets’ ability to determine where they are vs. the NL East competitors, and with respect to the Mets’ ability to string together mulltiple good decisions.

  • Brian Joura

    Just finished a new podcast with Joe Vasile, which you can download here:

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