SNY and other media outlets are reporting that the Mets have traded for Blue Jays All-Star pitcher Marcus Stroman. Going to Toronto are two top 10 prospects in LHP Anthony Kay and RHP Simeon Woods Richardson.

Stroman, a 5’7 RHP, is just 6-11 this season despite a 2.96 ERA and a 3.52 FIP. He’s done an excellent job of keeping the ball in the park, allowing just 10 HR in 124.2 IP. For a point of comparison, Zack Wheeler has allowed 17 HR in 124.1 IP. Stroman will be in his fourth and final season of arbitration in 2020, meaning the Mets have him under control for one more season after the current one. Stroman was awarded $7.4 million in arbitration for the 2019 season.

The 24-year-old Kay had a great season in Double-A for the Mets this year but has struggled in seven outings for Triple-A Syracuse. The 18-year-old Woods Richardson had an up-and-down season at Lo-A Columbia, starting out great before hitting a rough patch but then pitching to a 2.09 ERA over his final nine starts. He was promoted to Hi-A a few days ago but had yet to pitch for St. Lucie.

During the offseason, we heard rumors that the Mets were going to trade Noah Syndergaard for prospects and then replace him by signing a free agent pitcher. That never came to be but it seems certain that Stroman will replace a pitcher that the Mets trade before the deadline, whether that’s Syndergaard or Wheeler or possibly even Jason Vargas.

27 comments on “Reports have Mets acquiring pitcher Marcus Stroman

  • Brian Joura

    I like this deal for the Mets.

    Yes, they gave up two good pitching prospects but Stroman is really good. It helps set the market for other pitchers this deadline and also takes away a competitor.

    Plus, it’s fun to think about if they don’t make a deal – who goes to the pen?

    • Mike W

      I like the deal too. He is a real competitor. Obvious that there will be more to follow.

      So far, BVW, good move.

  • Name

    Not a big Stroman fan but he’s getting results this year. If the Mets are trying to make a push this year he’ll help.

    I thought this was a weak return for the Blue Jays and indicates to me a really lackluster trade market as teams continue to overvalue prospects. Unless teams pony up their offers for Noah as the deadline gets closer I wouldn’t trade him.

    • Chris B

      Well you could make the argument that this gives the Mets more control of the SP market at the deadline as teams like the Twins, Astros and Padres are all viable suitors for Thor or Wheeler.

      Earlier today I said that I’d trade both Thor and Wheeler. I don’t think that this changes my opinion because I’m not sure that this team can compete until 2021.

  • TexasGusCC

    Next year’s starters:

    Closer: Vargas
    Setup men: Familia, Lugo, Gsellman, Diaz, Avilan, Wilson, Nogosek

    Come get us!!

    • Mike W

      Closer Vargas ????

      They will trade Syndergaard or Wheeler and maybe Diaz. Depends what they get.

      To be honest, I thought the Blue Jays would get more for Stroman, but good for us. Reminds me when we got Hernandez for Neil Allen and Rick Ownbey. Maybe our fortunes are changing.

      Three more days of wheeling and dealing.

      If Diaz goes, watch Lugo become the closer.

      So far, this was a great surprise in a good way.

    • Chris F

      Gus, I expect you mis-typed, you didnt suggest Vargas be closer?

      This is a move ahead of moves.

      • TexasGusCC

        Chris, it was a gag.

        Get it? All-star rotation; throw the rest in the pen; come get us! I didn’t respond to Mike because I figured he was messing back with me. He moved on from that pretty quickly in his comment.

        • Chris F

          sorry, im tired. well played… Gus 1, Chris F 0

  • Metsense

    This was an interesting moved.
    1. The Mets took the most valuable (based the age, contract control and salary, and ability) starting pitcher at the trading deadline off the market. The move diminished the supply in the market and increased the demand of Wheeler, Syndegaard and Vargas who are now more valuable on the market.
    2. Stroman is a good pitcher. He is better than Wheeler but not a good at Syndergaard career wise but he is having a better year than both of them combined.(3.2 bWAR vs 1.6 +1.2 bWAR)
    3. Stroman is a Long Island product so he might sign a extension in the future. He just turned 28.
    4.This is an immediate move. I saw Woods-Richardson on July 4th and he was unhitable but raw. I sat behind the plate. He is only 18. He is going to be a good one.

    I like this trade because it improves the 2019 and 2020 team. I’m curious to see the next move.

  • Brian Joura

    ESPN reports that the Mets also received $1.5 million in the deal.

    • Eraff

      Nice!!!! They Covered Bonilla for 2020

    • TexasGusCC

      $2.5MM on MLBTR.

      LOL, Eraff! Nice!

      • AgingBull

        I was hoping to read balanced commentary from the M360s and you all delivered. I like the idea that they’ve locked up more assets which should give them more leverage. Now we can see if they know how to use it. IMHO the loss of Kay and Woods-Richardson is an indication of their confidence in the most recent draft. On the other hand, BVW and the Wilpons may simply be operating transaction-to-transaction, without any overall strategy.
        For my money, I would not mind seeing them go for it. 86-89 wins can get the WC2 and it’s plausible. If they do flush and reload, they better dump Frazier and Vargas. If they do go for it, both can play a role down the stretch.

        • TJ

          Agreed totally. BVW/Wilpons scare the hell out of me. I’m the other hand, despite another lousy season to date, they are certainly interesting. Hopefully, that will be the case Aug 1 and beyond, even if the moves are more directed towards 2020.

  • Eraff

    The Team that trades two pitching prospects for a Year and a Half of Stroman should not be trading an upside pitcher with 2.5 years to Free Agency…and I’m not the Biggest Syndergaard Fan.

    Unless the Mets are flipping Stroman, I believe they’ve decided they can fix around the existing core. My read is that they will avoid another Long Pitching Commitment, and they will trade Wheeler. Vargas?????…if you’re a contending club, a Legit 5th starter at 8 million bucks is a Market Bargain.

    I generally agree with that direction…with some positional honing…….Alonzo….Nido….Conforto…Nimmo….Smith……McNeill….. Davis….. That’s a pretty good list of controlled position players with decent upside and some trade value.

  • NYM6986

    Vargas to the pen might be a better move than trading him this week. Picking up his option for next year also makes sense if he takes to the relief/spot starter role. His junk could throw batters off coming in after one of our flame throwers. Trading Frazier opens the 3B spot for Davis or McNeil so no loss there. If the pen keeps up any where near it’s current level then we can wait as Smith gets better at LF or use Smith to bring in a controllable outfielder who can hit and field – what’s concept.
    Love the Stroman deal that came cheap and would rather trade our controllable pieces in the offseason when contending teams will be more willing to give up a better return than when they are trying to squeak into the playoffs themselves. Meanwhile onto to Chicago and the continuation of the soft part of our schedule. Life’s much better with Met W.

  • TexasGusCC

    For everyone that thinks the Mets are going for it, my question is: You think that they will be better when they play the better teams in CF, at SS, in LF and RF where they are using infielders? This team is too flawed to expect a go for it approach. Let’s just hope they restock correctly and that’s the best we can expect.

    Even if they get a CF, the roster is still infielder heavy and they have corner outfielder range in the true outfielder they currently have. Where is everyone going to play? This isn’t fantasy baseball where we use eligibility to field a team.

    Too, the Padres aren’t going to bail the Mets out. They are seven games below .500 and will not part with any good pieces, but will offer all their leftovers. The Mets best chance is packaging Wheeler with Thor and sending them across town for Torres and Garcia. If Cashman balks again like he did last year, let him get knocked out once more.

    • Eraff are you replacing the 400 innings that you trade?

      • TexasGusCC

        Stroman, Ervin Santana, Gsellman… Then re-sign Wheeler in November.

        • Chris F

          Gus, seriously. Team ERA >6.

  • Mike Walczak

    Right now, the Mets may have one of the best rotations in baseball going into next year. The problem with that quote is that this has been said for the last four to five years.

    We cant overlook the value of great defense, which we don’t have now. We need a shortstop that has a much better glove, range and awareness. We also really need a centerfielder.

    I hope with possible upcoming trades that we focus on these weaknesses. I heard about a Mets RTed Sox deal for Bobby Dalbec. Dalbec plays third base. I would rather trade Frazier now and lets see what Davis can do for the rest of the year. We could also try Rosario at third and even McNeill. Dont want a second baseman either.

    Center Field has a been a problem for a long time. Lets get one. San Diego lines up well with us. This is probably a game of chicken to see who blinks. If I were the Mets. I would not blink. If the deal for Syndergaard is not overwhelming, then dont make it.

    Wheeler and Diaz can go. Vargas at his price may be worth keeping next year as a spot starter and long relief.

    Lets go Mets

  • Chris F

    Im only 60% of the belief that Stroman pitches a single inning for the Mets. They now have a corner on the starting pitcher market, and I give BVW just credit for making others come to the Mets. I hope he can flip Stroman, Vargas, and Wheeler for some top flight, ready to promote youngsters.

    • TexasGusCC

      Your wish was just dashed. He traded Vargas for a bullpen catcher. But hey, I’m sure the Mets saved money!!

      BVW is the Mets’ catastrophe, he sucks.

  • Boomboom

    Here’s the next move: Diaz to the Dodgers for Joc Pederson. Seth Lugo becomes the closer.

    • Mike W

      That’s what I thought too. Pedersen to play CF.

      • MattyMets

        I like the Stroman move but I’m nervous about what comes next. We didn’t get enough for Vargas in my opinion.

        I think the Mets should trade only one of Wheeler or Syndergaard and only if the return is really worth it.

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