I’m in the middle of dealing with a family member in the final stages of life and don’t have the strength to discuss the passing of Tom Seaver. So, let’s look at a collection of images of Seaver that have run previously on the site. There will never be another like him. Thanks for the memories, Mr. Seaver.

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  • AgingBull

    I am sorry for what you and your family are going through, Brian. I hope for the best for you and yours.
    Thank you for posting this Brian. Seaver is my hero. We lost one of the all-time great ones.

  • Pete

    My all time favorite Met. My father worked a crazy busy schedule.
    Yet he made time to go see one Met game per year. He always
    made sure Seaver was pitching that game. I was 10 at the time in 1970. Memories that have lasted a lifetime. I’m sorry to hear about your situation Brian. I’ll say a prayer tonight for your loved one.

  • JimO

    I’m humbled to be the first one to post on this article. There can never be another. Just the other day, my son sent me an image of a Tommy Lasorda scouting report of Seaver from 1964. Lasorda said that Seaver had “plenty of desire to pitch and wants to beat you”. He certainly proved that during his professional career.

    Seaver had some significant health issues over the past few years so although this news isn’t shocking, it doesn’t relieve the sadness.

  • Terry

    I’m glad you put in that card of 1983 Seaver because that’s the guy I got to see. He may not have been at his best but everyone was so happy he was back and then he was gone. RIP Tom.

  • gjbold

    on my birthday July 9th the night Tom Seaver threw the greatest 8/2/3 innings of perfect baseball,i ever watched was it incredible to experience..what excitement and anticipation.then the jimmy Qualls dunk hit..I couldn’t believe it,one more out,but it wasn’t meant to be,but still a great thrill, by the greatest and most complete pro i have ever seen…rest in peace Tom…..gjbold

  • HOF19

    I was at Shea Stadium filing out my scorecard ……I looked down to write in it and heard a bat hit a ball …..Looked up and Jimmy Qualls was standing at first base with a single with 1 out in the 9th inning (ruining Seavers perfect game attempt ).My dad picked that date randomly as far as what game we would go to …….(He purchased the tickets a couple of months ahead of time ).

  • José

    Thoughts and prayers for you and yours, Brian. You’ve always made me feel welcome here despite my contributions being fairly insubstantial

    As for GTS, there’s a reason why we called him “The Franchise”

  • HOF19

    The closest I ever came to walking away from a team I rooted for was when they traded Seaver …I almost had to talk myself into remaining a Mets fan ……Rip Tom …..Enjoy hanging out with Gil again .

  • Brian Joura

    Thanks to Bull, Pete & Jose for their warm wishes – I appreciate it.

  • Mike W


    Prayers to you and your family. God Bless

    Tom Seaver is an icon. Best pitcher I ever saw, my boyhood hero. Sad news to lose him.

    Best day of my life as a kid, is every time he started. Yes, sat in my room with my old black and white TV dialed into WOR channel 9. Worst day as a kid was June 15th, 1977. I was listening to WINS news on the radio and it said Mets traded Tom Seaver to the Reds. I was shocked. I was like, ok, did we get back Joe Morgan?, Johnny Bench? No, we got back Norman, Flynn, Zachry and Henderson. I was depressed for years. Still stings, 43 years later.

    God rest his soul. Beside a great ballplayer, he was a fine man.

    RIP 41

  • Rob

    I don’t comment on here to much but visit daily. I am a big fan of your work here Brian and my prayers are with you. My favorite Seaver memory in 1983 him vs carlton on opening day pitchers duel. My dad likes to tell the story about being at the game a few weeks after he was traded and started vs the mets shea exploded.

  • John Fox

    Sorry about your family situation and my thoughts are with you Brian. Sad for the Seaver family, a great pitcher (maybe the greatest?), at least he is not suffering any more. But that one Topps card in the gallery, the 4th one I believe, done from a drawing… ugh. He looks more like a comic book villian than the great Tom Seaver in that rendition..

  • Brian Joura

    Thank you Mike W, Rob and John – I appreciated the support.

  • NYM6986

    Brian-Sending prayers and good vibes your way. Been there.

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