It’s not a huge surprise that after yesterday’s big comeback came up short with a loss in extra innings that the Mets came out flat tonight. What will be a surprise is if either Robert Gsellman or Michael Wacha are on the active roster by game time Wednesday night. In six starts, Wacha has now allowed 21 runs in 24 innings. And Gsellman has allowed 15 ER in 14 IP. The only way to describe it is Bashlor-esque. Neither pitcher gives the team a chance to win. And that can’t be allowed to continue.

3 comments on “Orioles 11, Mets 2 (9/8/20)

  • Metsense

    Gut Reaction: the starting pitching went bad when the wheel(er)s came off.
    Good starting pitching for the past five years has made the Mets a .500 team. Bad starting pitching has made the Mets a bad team. Their offense produces at the top of the league but the pitching staff give up more runs than the hitters produce. The Mets need to balance their roster in 2021.
    If the Mets have a close game today, wouldn’t it be better using Brach in a high leverage situation than wasting him in a mop up role? He is better than Wilson, Castro and Familia at this point.

  • TJ

    Bashlor-esque? At least 2020 has delivered a new term. Will it find the staying power of Mendoza line?

    • Brian Joura

      My attempts to make “sub-Plaweckian” – to describe a batter with an OPS below .563 – a thing hasn’t taken root so my hopes aren’t too high for Bashlor-esque. Maybe if I can get George Brett to say it…

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