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We’ve all heard the cliche that baseball isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. It’s like that for the fans, too. Sometimes we’ve got to grind, just like the players. For me, this is one of those times. The injuries have just worn me down. My desire is to see Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard back on the mound and Francisco Lindor back at shortstop. And I’m done with the nagging injuries to Brandon Nimmo. We lost him for six weeks with the finger injury – wasn’t that enough? You’ve got to mess with his hamstring, too? Wasn’t it enough to take Michael Conforto and Jeff McNeil and Carlos Carrasco away for hamstrings?

With all of the injuries and ineffectiveness of the MLB club, I haven’t even been able to process the Kumar Rocker snafu. Part of me is okay with taking the pick next year. But part of me wonders what all the fuss is about. So what if he needs TJ surgery? So he sits out next year – that’s no worse than drafting a guy next year, is it? It seems like a Wilponian move to save money and spite Scott Boras.

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  • Woodrow

    Things not looking so good.Let’s hope Walker is OK and is just having a blip. Let’s hope we’re right there when DeGrom and Lindor come back and they’re able have a big September. Let’s hope the Phil’s and Braves have as many injuries as we do.

  • MattyMets

    feeling very pessimistic at the moment. FO really blew it at the trade deadline. We obviously needed a rotation upgrade. Crossing our fingers to wait for injured players to come back should not be an approach we follow anymore with the new ownership.

  • Name

    I guess we’ve come to point where TJ surgery is just viewed a common routine surgery with a high success rate.
    It’s probably easier to rationalize signing a guy who needs TJ surgery right away as then the player is recovering from the surgery while not accruing major league service time ie Jacob deGrom. It’s more tricky when the player doesn’t need it right away, as Rocker and his agent are claiming, but may need in the future because if he gets hurt after his MLB debut then the team loses controllable years ie Noah Syndergaard.

    Everyone wants their team to sign every draft pick, but If teams aren’t allowed to pass on a draft pick (if there’s compensation available) for injury concern, for what baseball reasons are they allowed to pass on?

    Obviously everyone is optimistic about every player on day 1, but let’s not forget what a worst scenario looks like – Brady Aiken.

  • Mike W

    I am concerned. I am feeling a real slide into mediocrity. Conforto, well with a .203 average, adios amigo. Really worried about deGrom. Wondering of these are some low grade problems but concerned he may need surgery. Geez

    Rocker is a fiasco. If he needs TJ, then so be it, let him get it.

    Here is why I am annoyed. Baez said he wouldnt mind resigning with the Cubs. So, we lose Matt Alan to surgery, trade Pete Crow and draft a guy who may have a bum elbow, arrgh

    The good teams build through the draft and have good farm systems.

    Ouch ouch ouch.

    • Woodrow

      That’s why they didn’t do more at the deadline,didn’t want to trade the prospects. Guillorme and Davis were about all they had to trade

  • Wobbit

    Too many key hitters are underperforming, and now the pitching has come back to earth… very very tough few weeks ahead… sell your Mets stock!

  • Wobbit

    Trade dealine:
    The Yankees moved and now they have found relevance.
    The Dodgers moved and they are much much better heading not the post-season.
    The Braves made a key move… better.
    The Phillies got better.

    The Mets… “free swinging” Jave Baez and a pitcher not worthy of a roster spot… not better. Bad FO moves.

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