Mets Jambalinka: Mike Pelfrey, Daniel Herrera, Brandon Nimmo

What was it that Andy told the warden in The Shawshank Redemption – I think it was – how could you be so oblique? That comment got him sent to solitary. Right now Scott Hairston, David Wright and Kirk Nieuwenhuis are in baseball’s solitary, as they are all out with oblique injuries. I think I’ve learned more anatomy following baseball than I ever did in school.

Anyway, here are some stories I found interesting this week.

The Mets announcers are terrific. So why on earth did Greg Prince put them on mute? Because he wanted to hear the Mets radio debut of Josh Lewin. See how he thought Lewin fared.

Remind me not to get on Metstradamus’ bad side! Here John Coppinger points out there’s no reason to excuse Mike Pelfrey’s lousy outing in his first Spring Training game.

Ed Leyro goes to bat for Daniel Herrera. Gee, I wonder if Herrera batted in a crouch how small his strike zone would be. He doesn’t need a pinch-hitter he needs a batting stance overhaul!

I remember this vividly! Ray Stillwell published this classic from a 1974 Mets scorecard. This is on Facebook, so you’ll have to have an account to access it.

Andy Martino looks at the Mets bullpen and speculates who might be on the Opening Day roster. Seems like a pretty fair assessment, except for the part about D.J. Carrasco having trade value.

We all want to see how Brandon Nimmo will hit in his first full year in the organization. Here, Mack Ade projects that Nimmo will ply his craft with the Lo-A Savannah Sand Gnats.

Matthew Callan weighs in on the latest in the seemingly never-ending Jose Reyes saga

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