DJ Horne’s big game leads to State’s first Quad 1 win of the season

DJ Horne hit a floater with just under 10 seconds remaining and NC State survived a last-second shot in the paint to emerge with a 78-77 win over Clemson Saturday night in Littlejohn Coliseum. It was the first Quad 1 win of the year for the Pack and the victory put them into a three-way [...]

How playoff teams do in wins amassed by starters and relievers

In 1987, Nolan Ryan won two legs of the pitchers’ triple crown, as he led the NL in both ERA (2.76) and strikeouts (270) – which helped him to a 6.4 fWAR, the top mark in the league. Yet, Ryan posted a W-L record of 8-16, which seems unfathomable. But it’s just one of many [...]

Mets make Wild Card according to ZiPS median projected standings

Over at FanGraphs, they published the median projected standings right now in the National League, according to the ZiPS projections. Now, this comes with the caveat that there are some big free agents still out there – no, the Mets are not going to sign one of those – that could shift things around. But [...]

The Mets’ good and bad luck the past two years and how that needs to play out in 2024

It’s often been said that everything went right for the Mets in 2022 and that virtually nothing did in 2023. But everything going right just doesn’t happen in MLB, not even for a perennially lucky team like the Braves. As exasperating as it is to watch good fortune happen consistently for that franchise, no one [...]

What are the odds the Mets will use the 60-day IL to open up a roster spot for Fujinami? has a fairly robust transactions log back thru the 2009 season. It has some for 2008, but nowhere near as lengthy or detailed. So, from the 2009-2023 seasons, excluding the Covid year of 2020, how many players do you think the Mets put on the 60-day injured list prior to the start of the [...]