Jose Quintana and his peers among Mets’ SP with at least 50 IP and an ERA north of 5.00

Mets’ starting pitching here in 2024 has been pretty bad. As a team, prior to Sunday morning’s start in London, the team’s SP were 11-22 with a 4.52 ERA. And that’s with Citi Field playing as an extreme pitcher’s park. That raw ERA ranked 23rd in the majors and if we had ERA+ in this [...]

A Mets discussion on young shortstops, Alex Ramirez, Brandon Sproat and more

David Groveman joins me to discuss various minor league prospects for the Mets. Brian: Here are two 19-year-old shortstops in Lo-A for your consideration: Player A: .266/.345/.404, .329 BABIP, 10.4 BB%, 23.3 K%, .348 wOBA, 105 wRC+ Player B: .267/.332/.441, .294 BABIP, 6,7 BB%, 16.1 K%, .365 wOBA, 122 wRC+ They’re fairly similar but my [...]

Mets’ pen in rough shape now but London trip offers a chance for a re-boot

The Mets have made 10 pitching changes the past two days, leaving the bullpen in a bit of a tough spot for Tuesday’s game. But the good news is if the Mets can navigate the games Tuesday and Wednesday, they’ll play just two games in the following five days. Along with the expected return of [...]

Mets fans should be happy for all of the close games the team is playing

Lately, a lot has been made about how many close games the Mets are playing. As if that’s a bad thing. After yesterday’s 8-7 win over the Nationals, the Mets have played 21 one-run games and 13 decided by two runs. Since they’ve played 60 games overall, that’s 57% that are decided by fewer than [...]