It’s beginning to look a lot like 2009

If this all feels eerily familiar, it's because we've seen this movie before. This is not the first time the Mets began a season with so much optimism, only to watch high hopes turn to despair as seemingly everyone but the announcers in the broadcast booth got injured. Let's go back to 2009. The team [...]

Murphy’s Law rears ugly head again

While it may not have been as damaging as the injuries that piled up last season for the Mets, Daniel Murphy’s season-ending injury will certainly have ramifications with the roster in to the summer. Murphy was perhaps days away from being recalled before he again was involved in another freak accident. On Wednesday night in [...]

Bad Luck With RISP

One day after going 1-12 with Runners in Scoring Position (RISP), the Mets had a much better time of it Thursday, going 4-14. Still, production with RISP has been one of the trouble spots for the Mets early in the 2010 season. After nine games, the team has a .554 OPS with RISP. How bad [...]