MLB Network’s The Shredder recently released rankings for second basemen and Jeff McNeil finished second. Maybe you think that ranking’s too high. Maybe you think it’s a reflection of the lack of talent/depth in MLB at the position. Or maybe you think it’s overdue recognition for the skills that McNeil brings to the table. To me it’s a reminder of the comically bad take of Brodie Van Wagenen when he said he considered second base a “primary need” of the team.

It’s probably a given that clubs – especially the Mets – are thoroughly reviewing their hiring questions and practices. If you think Art Howe lights up a room, your hiring process probably stinks. If you have to cut ties with your skipper before he manages a single game, that was a pretty big mistake. If you hire a guy who sends 62 unanswered texts to the same person, you are not asking the right questions during interviews. If you pick a GM who thinks trading for an old guy so he can “upgrade” from McNeil is a great baseball move – well, you get the idea.

There are multiple rounds of interviews with who knows how many people involved in the discussions. What are they asking and how are they following up on answers received? The goal is not to crucify anyone or any group of people for what’s already happened. Instead, the hope is that because mistakes have been made in the past – hiring dullards, cheaters, predators and people not qualified for the position – what mechanisms are built into the process to ensure these don’t happen again?

Maybe the latest blunder is what finally pushes the hiring process to be overhauled. The takeaway should be that there are many different facets that need to be addressed, not just one.

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  • Steve_S.

    An early look at the Mets AAA team in Syracuse for the coming year. Of course, additional trades and/or signings will affect the team’s roster. I listed a few more pitchers than will be on the team.

    1B Jeremy Vasquez
    2B Luis Carpio
    SS Jake Hager
    3B Will Toffey
    LF Drew Ferguson
    CF Mallex Smith
    RF Johneshwy Fargas
    C Ali Sanchez
    SP Jordan Yamamoto, Franklyn Kilome, Corey Oswalt, Sam McWilliams, Thomas Szapucki
    RP Jesus Reyes, Sean Reid-Foley, Robert Gsellman, Yennsy Diaz, Jared Eickhoff, Oscar De La Cruz, Harol Gonzalez, Justin Dillon, Drew Smith, Daniel Zamora
    OF Quinn Brodey, Tim Tebow
    INF Jose Peraza, Drew Jackson, Wilfredo Tovar, Brandon Drury
    C Patrick Mazeika, Bruce Maxwell

    • Brian Joura

      There’s no obvious 1B candidate for Syracuse. Even so, I guess I have a hard time believing it will be Vasquez, given that he has 45 PA above A-ball and those resulted in a .590 OPS in Binghamton.

      Jose Martinez is on a split contract. Maybe he starts the year in the minors and is the Opening Day starter at 1B in Syracuse.

      • Steve_S.

        Martinez at 1B at AAA makes sense.

  • Woodrow

    Depth… the Mets still have a ways to go.

  • Wobbit

    I think the Mets are ready to go… no Bauer.
    Nimmo in CF with his defensive backup.
    Smith/Davis/Martinez in LF.
    Guillorme/Davis at 3B.
    DeGrom/Carrasco/Peterson/Stroman/Lucchesi… add Thor later.
    Bullpen better than last year.
    McCann an upgrade.
    They need depth additions at OF, 2B, C…
    Of course a major addition in the OF would be welcomed, but they can put this team not he field and still expect to play .600, better if Rojas manages the bullpen well, still an unknown.
    What I want:
    – for Jake to get the run support and bullpen help to get to 20 wins.
    – for starting pitchers to “expect” to get through 7 (better defense helps)
    – for Luis Rojas to be a proactive manager, running his young team with good baseball instincts and not trying to avoid mistakes.

  • Woodrow

    I still like Wong on second,move McNeil to third, Nimmo,Smith in center and left get a late inning caddy for Nimmo who moves to left in late innings.

    • Steve_S.

      Forgot Wong. The Milwaukee Brewers are signing him on a 2-yr/$18 million contract.

      • TexasGusCC

        Nice little deal for them. I’m sure Wong wanted more. It does seem a little light but not having a job is worse.

  • Brian Joura

    Joel Sherman
    Heard #Mets set a noon deadline Eastern with Bauer today. Heard the deal has opt outs after 1st 2 yrs. Worth about $40M in year 1 and then again in year 2. Worth less in year 3. Total is between $100M-$110M. Feels like decision is next few hours, 1 way or the other.

  • MattyMets

    Whew! So relieved we didn’t sign Bauer. Why is a pitcher who no one thinks is among the 5 best in the game now the highest paid player in baseball?!
    I love this team. We have talent and chemistry. Just need to fill in at the margins a bit and this is an exciting playoff team.

  • Metsense

    I don’t think Bauer is worth $40m for 2021 and $45m for 2022 but the Mets were pushing similar numbers.
    $40m can buy two very good players. For example ; Odorizzi and Turner would be under $40m and would be an upgrade.

  • Wobbit

    Finally we can stop talking about Bauer.
    The Mets rotation is soooo much better than a year ago. If everyone has the year they are capable of, and when does that happen, they should be fine. I feel that DeGrom and Peterson are solid, should pick up where they left off last year. If Carrasco can hit close to his lifetime numbers, he’s a huge upgrade from Porcello, Wacha, Matz options last year. Lucchesi will be the pleasant surprise, I’m betting. The there’s Stroman. While I’m not expecting great things, I’d take anything close to expected until Syndergaard gets back and we can assess the current roster of starters. Too bad Stroman costs so much, since that is likely to limit extensions to needed players for the future. Rich Hill would be nice insurance against injury. Mets SP is fine.

  • Brian Joura

    Mets signed Jonathan Villar.

    Last year he was 8-47 (.170) against the Mets. He hit .254 against everyone else.

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