Mets Q&A with Ed Leyro from Studious Metsimus

There are a ton of people who write about the Mets and I am happy to say that most of them seem to be good people, too. I guess it is not a huge surprise that the guys at the biggest sites – Cerrone and Baron at MetsBlog and Simon, Kannengeiser, Artus and crew over at Amazin’ Avenue – are top notch. But it seems that no matter what size Mets blog you run across, you will find good people.

Ed Leyro is the brains behind Studious Metsimus. I don’t really know Ed except through his writing but I like the content he produces. I reached out and asked if he would do a Q&A and he immediately said yes. Then I gave him a bunch of questions and asked him to turn it around in a day. And he did without a word of complaint. More importantly, he gave interesting answers. Below are his thoughts on blogging, being a fan and some Mets-specific questions.

How would you describe the Mets blogosphere?

I’d describe the Mets blogosphere this way: we’re everywhere! I can’t think of another fan base that has more interesting blogs and bloggers than the Mets. And that’s for a team that hasn’t had a winning season since 2008! There is never a shortage of information and interesting takes on certain stories from the Mets bloggers. In fact, I’d rather get my Mets news from Mets bloggers than ESPN or a national sports writer because I know I won’t get something vanilla from the bloggers. I want cookie dough instead of vanilla. Mets bloggers bring home the cookie dough in their posts.

What made you want to blog about the Mets?

I’ve always felt as if the Mets were a major part of my life. I mean, I remember certain events of my life by what the Mets did that day. (i.e. the first wedding I ever attended was my cousin’s wedding on June 15, 1986. I remember that day for the Mets sweeping the Pirates in a doubleheader. Also, my grandmother passed away on May 20, 2001. What I remember is that after my family got the news, the Mets came back against the Dodgers, scoring two runs in the eighth to tie to game and one in the ninth to win it, 6-5.)

Do you approach your articles with any kind of theme/pattern or do you prefer to fire from the hip and just write about whatever interests you that day?

There’s no rhyme or reason to any of my blogs. One day I might write on current Mets events (I call those posts Broken News because someone already broke the story; I’m just breaking it some more). One day I’ll write a historical Mets piece on Mets of the past, such as the current weekly series I’m writing called “One Season Wonders”. On some days, I might even write a Mets-themed song parody. Studious Metsimus is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get, and that’s part of the charm of the site.

It seems as if any defining moment in my life has had a Mets story to go along with it. (I met my wife at a Mets game. And Angel Pagan hit a grand slam to break a tie and give the Mets an eventual 9-5 win over the Diamondbacks that night.) So I figured if the Mets were so important to me, I should share my love of the Mets with my readers…all 4½ of them!

In your opinion – what makes a good blog post?

I define a good blog post as one in which the reader doesn’t want to stop reading until they get to the last word. At times, a blogger might rehash someone else’s story and I’ll read some of it, but I’ll move on to the next one before I finish it. If I come across a blog post where someone offers a new angle or goes completely out of the box, it will capture my attention and I won’t want to turn away until I’ve read the whole thing. Anyone can write a blog, but only the good bloggers can write a blog that will make people eagerly anticipate the next post. Then again, if anyone writes something on former Mets Kevin McReynolds or Tim Bogar, that’s automatically a good blog post in my opinion.

If Matt Cerrone put you in charge of MetsBlog for a day – what would you do differently?

If Matt Cerrone put me in charge of MetsBlog for a day, first I’d want to have some of the Kool-Aid he’s drinking for picking me. But seriously, I’d want more photos from Michael Baron because he’s an amazing photographer. Then I’d provide more links to other bloggers for people to check out. The site is called MetsBlog. So why not give more attention to people who have Mets blogs? MetsBlog reports the news as it happens, but Mets blogs take that news and give it a fresh spin.

Name three Mets blogs that don’t get the credit/exposure they deserve

I’d probably be sleeping on the couch if I didn’t mention my wife’s blog, A Gal For All Seasons. It covers the Mets, but it also covers her other favorite sports teams, so it isn’t completely Mets-centric. But for total Mets coverage, I would recommend Remembering Shea, The Daily Stache and Metszilla. I go to each site often and am never disappointed with their words of wisdom. Also, Kiner’s Korner has a great site and podcast. They’ve gotten various former Mets players and coaches (Nolan Ryan, Jerry Koosman, Rick Peterson, the late Gary Carter) on their podcast and they also have other Mets bloggers on the show. I have to support a site that loves its fellow bloggers.

What’s it like being married to another Mets blogger?

I knew the “married to another Mets blogger” question would come up at some point. In case you didn’t know, my wife is Taryn Cooper (a.k.a. The Coop) and we met at Citi Field during the park’s inaugural season. I mean, seriously, wouldn’t every Mets fan like to meet his future spouse at a Mets game?

She’s definitely the better blogger in the family and serves as an inspiration to me as a fellow Mets blogger. Having her in my life has made me a better blogger and a better Mets fan. Now I only make fun of Oliver Perez‘s contract half of the time instead of all the time. It’s wonderful to be married to a fellow Mets fan and blogger. Hey, at least I know that I won’t have to fight for the remote when a Mets game is on.

Favorite Terry Collins move so far? Least favorite?

I happen to be a fan of Terry Collins. My favorite move of his was when he decided to move Carlos Beltran to right field last year. It was clear that for Beltran to be productive on the field, he couldn’t be a centerfielder anymore. Of course, Beltran had his best season in years, hitting .300 with 22 HR and 84 RBI with the Mets and the former New York National League team that Fred Wilpon doesn’t acknowledge at Citi Field. Without Collins moving Beltran to right field, the Mets probably don’t have Zack Wheeler today. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if this year or next, the Mets grab the second wild card and play the Cardinals and Beltran hits a walk-off homer on a curveball to eliminate the Mets.

I actually don’t have a least favorite move from Collins. If I have to say something, I guess it would be his tearful post-game explanation of why Jose Reyes was pulled from his final game at Citi Field last season. Only people like Mike Schmidt cry. Terry Collins is better than that.

Which team do you most want to see the Mets sweep a series from this year?

Although any Mets fan would like to see the Mets sweep the Yankees (like they did on George Steinbrenner’s birthday in 2004) or the Phillies (a certain shoutout sweep in 2010 rings a bell), I’d like to see the Mets save a sweep for last. The Mets end the 2012 season in Miami against the Marlins. After the Marlins eliminated the Mets in 2007 and 2008, wouldn’t it be fitting if the Marlins were in the playoff hunt and the Mets swept them in their ballpark to end the season and the Marlins’ playoff aspirations?

Tell me what you do when you go to a game

Although I do enjoy getting to a game early to try to catch a home run ball during batting practice (to this day, I’ve never caught a foul ball or a home run ball at a game), my wife and I like to meet friends and fellow bloggers on the Shea Bridge before a game. It’s become our tradition since we got married.

Another thing I enjoy doing at games is taking a gazillion photos of Mets players. As any reader of Studious Metsimus knows, I rarely write a blog post without a picture or ten, and sometimes the photo adds to the story. It’s much easier to use one of my own photos instead of having to search for someone else’s (and risk offending a photographer by not crediting them properly for their photo).

Any final thoughts on Wilpon/Madoff?

I do have a final thought on Wilpon/Madoff and that is GOOD RIDDANCE! Although I have to say, it’s refreshing to be able to say that I have a “final thought” on those two. For a while, I didn’t think we’d ever have anything final to say about that case.

What will be the biggest storyline for the 2012 Mets?

Clearly, the biggest storyline of 2012 will probably be if Johan Santana can make a full recovery after not pitching in the major leagues since 2010. But other stories that will also grab our attention will be the “will they or won’t they” trade David Wright story, as well as whether or not Jason Bay will finally earn some of his $16 million annual salary. Also, I’m curious about Ike Davis. If he has recovered from his injury and Valley Fever, could he possibly become one of the elite first basemen in the National League, especially with Pujols and Fielder defecting to the A.L.?

The Mets might not produce as many wins as we’d like in 2012, but they’ll certainly give us plenty to write about. Isn’t that why we became bloggers in the first place?

What’s your prediction for wins for the Mets in 2012?

After last year’s prediction (81-80 with one rainout not made up), I figured I was shooting too high. Therefore, this year, I’m predicting the Mets to finish 81-81 (no rainout), but they will finish in last place, similar to the 2005 season, when Washington finished with a .500 record but finished in the cellar. I’m just glad there are only five teams in the NL East, as opposed to the six-team NL Central. That way I know the Mets will finish in the top five.


Now that you’ve made it to the end, take a moment to go over to Ed’s site and see his original stuff. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Judi Marella
    March 25, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    Great interview Ed! Very inciteful.

  2. Dan Stack
    March 25, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Good insight from another blogger. Well done!

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