The Mets had a busy, expensive winter. Was it enough?

OK. So we’ve all had about a week to grouse and lick our wounds. It became officially official – because these things do make a difference, as we’ve come to find out -- only a couple of days ago: All-Star SS Carlos Correa will not be a New York Met after all, instead opting to [...]

State brings win streak to three with an 83-81 OT win over Miami

North Carolina State won its third straight game with a thrilling 83-81 overtime victory over the No. 16 Miami Hurricanes, Saturday afternoon at home in PNC arena. It’s the sixth win in seven games since a road loss to Miami back on Dec. 10. The win moves the Pack to 14-4 overall and 4-3 in [...]

A look at two different slash lines that end up in the same place

Let’s discuss something that Ben Clemens of FanGraphs posted recently. He took a tweet from Tom Tango, which asked his readers which one they would prefer: A. .315/.365/.510 B. .265/.365/.510 Implied is that these two slash lines are recorded in the same year/park, or in different eras/parks but with the same run-scoring environment. Because putting [...]

A Met no longer, Carlos Correa re-signs with the Twins

The Carlos Correa era is over for the Mets, as the highly-desired free agent with the questionable long-term health status appears set to return to Minnesota. Correa now joins Carlos Beltran as former Astros who were set to join the Mets, only never to suit up for a single game with the club after agreeing [...]

Mets Minors: Offseason deep dive on Jett Wiliams

Biography: At 5’8”, Jett Williams was the shortest of the top prospects in the 2022 draft. The shortstop has the ability to field his position and could hold onto the role as he rises through the organization. His high school club won the state championship in Texas in 2021 and Williams was thought of as [...]

Deep dive on the 194 times the Mets had a ball with a 100 or greater EV in September

As baseball fans interested in learning more about the game, we took a giant step forward with the arrival of Baseball-Reference. It’s hard to remember but there was a time when they did not update stats with the current season until the year was over. We took another step forward with FanGraphs, with all of [...]