Bridge to K-Rod shaky

New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez has been confused lately. While he knows he gets paid to close games, on many days he doesn’t know if he will have to pitch more than one inning, which impacts his rhythm and the bullpen as a whole. “It is tough because in preparation, you don’t know if [...]

2010 Predictions

As I write this Opening Day is already underway. However, I have the DVR ready and I have yet to watch any of the action. So, here are my predictions for the 2010 New York Mets: Josh Thole comes up before September to be the everyday catcher. Daniel Murphy comes back to post an [...]

Reviewing Billy Wagner's Exit

My friend Matthew Artus over at the Always Amazin’ New York Mets Fan Blog on wrote a piece entitled “Billy Wagner in Hindsight.” His point was that of all the different ways the Wagner scenario could have played out for the Mets, the actual transaction that did occur might have been the worst. It [...]

ZiPS creator Dan Szymborski

Everyone has an opinion on how their favorite players are going to perform. For most of us, it is just instinct, hunch of fanboy optimism. That is why it is important to look at unbiased, systematic approaches to projections. One of the best sets available are the ZiPS projections from Baseball Think Factory Editor-in-Chief Dan [...]