Latest Ownership Circus Leaves At Least One Fan Bewildered

When news of the follies and frolics of the super-rich filters down to us, the great unwashed, it’s usually entertaining. William Randolph Hearst invites Jimmy Stewart and Louis B. Mayer out to San Simeon? FUN! Papa Joe Kennedy referees while Young Joe, Jack, Bobby, Teddy, Kick, Pat and Eunice play a game of touch on [...]

Alderson & Co. Listen To The Right Voices: Their Own

Seems to me… …the Mets are finally getting it. Let’s face facts: our orange & blue heroes probably won’t be contending in 2011. There. I said it. With the roster as presently constituted, coupled with the competition in the suddenly intimidating NL East – let’s be real: 2006 was a looooong time ago – the [...]

The watchword under Alderson: Calm

Seems to me… …there’s something missing in the Mets’ front office these days: panic. It’s beyond refreshing to have another team in the division – our arch-rival, even, if you will – make a big, splashy move and have the reaction from Flushing be…well…nothing. The Phillies, of all teams, signed Cliff Lee to a contract [...]

The magic is back: 1980-2010 similarities

Seems to me… …I’ve heard this song before. 30 years before, to be exact. The 2010 MLB Winter Meetings have just concluded and the New York Mets did…nearly nothing. I take this as a good sign. Really. Joan Whitney Payson was the Mets’ first owner and if not their Patron Saint (that would be Casey [...]