Mets shouldn’t rule out internal candidates in new managerial search

One of the most important things to do this offseason for the New York Mets is clearly hiring their new manager for the 2024 season. With the 2023 season over exactly one month ago, after missing the playoffs, the Mets have already been busy, looking at possible managerial candidates. The biggest name so far has [...]

Adam Ottavino, Brooks Raley and the efficacy of old relievers

UC Berkeley Free Speech Movement leader Jack Weinberg famously uttered the phrase, “Don’t trust anybody over 30,” when he was being hounded by a reporter wanting to know who was behind these student protests. When assembling their pitching staff for 2023, the Mets turned that phrase on its head. In all, the Mets used 14 [...]

Comparing the rebuilds of Nelson Doubleday and Steve Cohen

The Mets have had two major ownership changes in their tenure. The first one was when Nelson Doubleday and minority partner Fred Wilpon bought the club in 1980 and the other was when Steve Cohen purchased the club from the Wilpons in 2021. Interestingly, both teams wanted to build thru the draft and bring in [...]

What if the Mets added only one SP in the offseason?

We all want the Mets to be active in free agency and begin the 2024 season with five starters capable of making 30 starts, providing they remained healthy. We thought that’s what the Mets had coming into 2023 but remaining healthy – and still on the team past the trade deadline – proved easier said [...]

Looking back at Brodie Van Wagenen’s tenure with the Mets

Now that Billy Eppler is gone, and has etched his name into forgettable Mets lore, it might be just the perfect time to evaluate Brodie Van Wagenen’s performance as General Manager from October 2018 through November 2020. Yes, you read that right. While it is easy to judge a general manager in the immediate wake [...]

A payroll-neutral look at the Mets’ arbitration-eligible players

This is the list of Mets eligible for arbitration, courtesy of MLB Trade Rumors. The number in parentheses is the service time the player has accrued, while the following number is MLBTR’s estimate of what the player will make in arbitration. Daniel Vogelbach (5.138): $2.6MM Trevor Gott (5.057): $2MM Elieser Hernandez (5.044): $1.6MM Drew Smith [...]

A beginner’s guide to the ‘Phantom IL’

Shortly after the Mets officially announced David Stearns as their President of Baseball Operations and the surprising resignation of General Manager Billy Eppler, reports poured in that Eppler was under MLB investigation for improper use of the Injured List. MLB evidently took umbrage with his use of what is referred to in baseball circles as [...]

A smart businessman’s approach to get under the draft-pick-penalty threshold

To date, we’ve seen 2024 Opening Day roster projections from two people here at the site – Steven and Denis. We might see one or two more, too. This piece today is going to be somewhat like that but more in the vein of what’s possible, rather than, “here’s what should happen.” In the post-Madoff, [...]

The Mets are sharing the spotlight with the playoffs

It’s an exciting time in and around MLB these days. The postseason tournament has begun and had that wonderful playoff combination you get when you have slightly less than half the League’s teams qualifying: some games taught and intense, some laughably one-sided. The first playoff round was the latter, with each of the four series [...]

A pitcher from Japanese baseball to consider, besides Yoshinobo Yamamoto

A lot of teams, probably including the Mets, are going to be pursuing free-agent pitcher Yoshinobo Yamamoto, who starred in the Nippon League this season. However there is another star pitcher to consider signing who did well in Japan this year, and that would be a more controversial personality, Trevor Bauer. We’ll start off looking [...]