The Mets’ offense has been very good, it’s Citi Field that’s the problem

Both the greybeards and the ones who are no longer with us understand/understood that the ballpark plays a big role in how the at-bats turn out. A fly ball in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field or the elevation of Coors Field could easily be a home run, one that would be an out in [...]

Musings on an up-and-down Mets season

Umpiring and Replay Robbery Any true Mets fan knows full well that we have been getting screwed by umpires for decades. When others bemoaned the introduction of replay, I cheered. Over the years, umpires blew obvious calls that replays overturned. (Remember Omar Santos’ home run at Fenway Park?) In a recent season, the Mets were [...]

Five questions surrounding the Christian Scott promotion

News broke yesterday that the Mets were planning on promoting top prospect Christian Scott to start Saturday, with plans to run a six-man rotation during a stretch where the team has 26 games in 27 days. It’s always exciting when a team gives a player a promotion from the minors on talent, rather than an [...]

Taking stock of the Mets after one month

Preseason predictions largely estimated the New York Mets would be a near .500 ball club. A little better if the pitching staff performed slightly better than a median forecast, but also a little worse if the rotation performed a bit more poorly. The Mets are currently 14-13 and performing about as expected. The Mets Pythagorean [...]

Tyrone Taylor and the quest for more playing time

One of the pleasant surprises of the 2024 season so far has been the play of Tyrone Taylor. When the Mets acquired him from the Brewers, the thought was that he was a strong fourth outfielder, one who could play all three outfield positions and be above-average defensively. Additionally, while a RHB, he did not [...]

Francisco Lindor’s odd start to the season

Note: All stats in this article include games through the Mets’ April 24th, 2024 game against the Giants. It would be an understatement to call the start of the Mets’ 2024 season uneven and unexpected, and perhaps no other aspect of their overarching team performance illustrates that better than what’s been going on with their [...]

Brett Baty and when the Mets should move to Plan B at third base

Everything with Brett Baty is a small sample. But coming into this season, one of my beliefs was that the Mets needed to be less reliant on “small sample!” and instead look to pull the plug sooner on guys who didn’t get the job done. My hope is that no one on the club would [...]

How Harrison Bader, Jeff McNeil and Brandon Nimmo have the same OPS

If before the season started you were told the 2024 Mets would be 12-8 at the 20-game mark, you might have been mildly surprised but it would have been believable. Yet, if you were told that they would start out 0-5 and play nothing but teams over .500 in this 20-game stretch, including three in [...]

A look at the Mets’ offense in the last 11 games, which has led to eight wins

All during the offseason, we heard management say that the 2024 Mets would be in contention for a Wild Card spot. With an offseason spent more focused on short-term deals and future flexibility, that talk seemed optimistic. Yet three weeks into the season, that’s essentially what’s been accomplished. While if the playoffs started today, the [...]