Mets 2022 projection review: Pitchers

Here’s the final look back at the preseason projections. Forecasts were done for the five starting pitchers and the closer. The predictions were good for the infielders and not so great for the outfielders. Which direction will the pitcher forecasts tip the scales? Because of the lockout, only rate stats were used. The categories for [...]

Mets 2022 projections review: Outfielders and DH

After checking in on the projections for catcher and infielders in our first look back, this time around we’re going to do the outfielders and designated hitter. Because of the lockout, we looked at rate stats only – forecasting AVG, OBP, SLG, BB% and K%. Unlike in 2021, we saw some good projections right away [...]

Mets 2022 projections review: Catcher and infielders

It seems a lifetime ago. But in the beginning of 2022, we had the lockout and there were concerns about how many games would actually take place this season. Fortunately, we got all 162. But that was unknown when the projection series started. Because of this, we moved to all rate-based stats for the individual [...]

Mets 2022 projections: Chris Bassitt

The beauty of the projection series is that there’s no order they have to be done in. However, generally all of these years it’s followed the pattern of alternating pitchers and hitters. Previously, four starting pitchers were done for the Mets. Fortuitously, the Mets just went out and traded for the final starting pitcher of [...]