The top five middle infield combos for the Mets

The Mets have always been known more for their pitching rather than their hitting. And nowhere has this lack of hitting been more pronounced throughout the years than with their middle infield combo. Fans have seen guys at these positions who struggled to hit their weight. We’ve watched guys like Roy McMillan, Bud Harrelson, Rafael [...]

Out of Position: From Keith Miller to Dominic Smith

The off season is chugging along at a pace. Here we are post-Holidays, still the first week of January, spring training a little more than a month away already. Heck, the Nationals’ victory champagne is barely dried on the carpet. The Mets, as we know, have made a few moves, mainly revamping their beleaguered bullpen. [...]

Tracking Mets players to lose their rookie status for the past decade

Last season the Mets used 53 different players and the year before that the number was 56. You can’t use that many players without adding new blood on a consistent basis. Some of these players come from outside of the organization, whether through trades or free agent signings or waiver pickups. And some make their [...]

Jacob deGrom’s place among the best pitchers of the 21st Century

Jacob deGrom has back-to-back Cy Young Awards and his 2017 wasn’t too shabby, either. But where does his three-year span stack up against other top hurlers of recent vintage? Let’s look at all of the pitchers of the 21st Century and see what the best consecutive three-year peak was for them. And a pitcher will [...]

Bing Devine was an unsung architect of the ‘69 Mets

Fifty years ago, Met fans were still celebrating the stunning World Series win over the mighty Baltimore Orioles. One of the key architects of that team and its triumphs was no longer employed by the team. That would be Bing Devine, a front office magician for the Mets from 1965 to 1967. Devine rose to [...]

Mets relievers that WHIP it good in the 21st Century

Relievers are fickle. For whatever reason, they were deemed at some point not to have the stuff to succeed as a starter, which certainly calls into question their ability to consistently pitch well. And then when they only pitch about one-third as much as a starter over a full season, it becomes easier to see [...]

The Mets’ 2019 season was uniquely fun

When you’ve been a Mets fan for a certain length of time and are of a certain age, individual seasons take on a personality. Some are simply dreadful, like the first fitful years of the team’s existence – save the inaugural 1962 season, which was historically bad, record-wise, of course, but too much fun for [...]

“…And the starting pitcher, number forty-one, Tom Seaver.”

Baseball, and Mets fans in particular, received some terrible news yesterday, but the news wasn’t wholly unexpected. Just the same, though, it came as a shock. Tom Seaver, arguably the greatest pitcher of his generation – certainly, the greatest right-handed pitcher – has withdrawn from public life at age 74, due to a losing battle [...]

Discussing Sandy Alderson’s biggest mistake as Mets GM

There was a New York Post article where former GM Sandy Alderson was quoted as saying that he wished he had re-signed Daniel Murphy. It’s an easy thing to say in hindsight. Murphy was great in 2016 and 2017 before an injury-marred year last season. But you don’t get to make decisions in hindsight and [...]