Mets360 2014 projections: Travis d’Arnaud

Last year Mets catchers put up a combined .654 OPS, 33 points below the average mark for National League backstops. Of the four catchers to see action for the club last year, Travis d’Arnaud had the lowest OPS with a .542 mark in 111 PA. Yet because of his minor league pedigree, many fans expect [...]

Mets360 2014 projections: Chris Young

Of the three big additions for the Mets this offseason, Chris Young is the most controversial one. Some people only see the low batting average and wonder why Sandy Alderson bothered signing him. Some see his history as a solid defensive center fielder and worry that his signing means that Juan Lagares will be on [...]

Mets360 2014 projections: Jonathon Niese

If you ask people about Jonathon Niese and his 2013 season, the most likely answer you’ll get is that he pitched well after he returned from his shoulder injury but that his year was disappointing overall. This doesn’t give Niese enough credit for the year he turned in, which pretty much fits his career as [...]

Mets360 2014 projections: Curtis Granderson

Today we kick off our second year of projections. We started this last year hoping to provide a counter to the systematic projection systems like ZiPS and Steamer. None of us have a forecasting system. What follows is just our gut feeling on how the player will do in 2014. The expectation is that with [...]