Mets Minors: Offseason deep dive – Brett Baty

Biography: Brett Baty was born on November 13, 1999 in Round Rock, TX. The Mets selected Baty in the first round of the 2019 MLB draft. He attended Lake Travis High School in Austin, playing basketball, baseball, and football. As a senior, he hit .615 with 19 home runs, 50 RBIs and was named the [...]

An interview with the Foxdenizen, John Fox

No one who writes for the site makes my job easier than John Fox.  I am especially grateful for his reliably early submissions, to say nothing of his article topics, which always seem carefully chosen.  Two years ago, when I was contemplating the future direction of Mets360, one plan was to have just John as [...]

Did the Mets throw it away?

One of the biggest issues with the New York Mets in many seasons in recent history was their willingness to over-trade offense for defense.  This was always evident in the outfield and definitely a known issue with third base, in the years between Felix Mantilla and Robin Ventura. There is no need to have everyone [...]

Mets 2022 projection review: Pitchers

Here’s the final look back at the preseason projections. Forecasts were done for the five starting pitchers and the closer. The predictions were good for the infielders and not so great for the outfielders. Which direction will the pitcher forecasts tip the scales? Because of the lockout, only rate stats were used. The categories for [...]

An interview with ‘Matty Mets,’ our own Matt Netter

One of the items asked for by readers from our September customer survey was to have things in addition to our regular articles. One of the suggestions was to have interviews with non-team personnel. Below is an email correspondence with Matt Netter. Matt gave his last reply a little while ago, which explains why his [...]