Three spring training headlines from around MLB that could impact the Mets

Yes, that special time of year has arrived. Pitchers, catchers, and those participating in the World Baseball Classic have officially reported to training camp! Now is the point in time where for the next couple of days we’ll be inundated with video clips of veterans strolling into the facilities like an average person walking into [...]

The Mets legacy of Vin Scully

Vin Scully passed away last August at the age of 94, after a baseball broadcasting career with the Dodgers that lasted from 1950-2016. He was a man who was probably the best at his profession of anyone who ever lived. But, what’s this about his Mets legacy? It's true that Scully never was a play-by-play [...]

A super post: Kansas City, Philadelphia and tenuous Mets connections

OK, so it’s not 1980. Kansas City is playing Philadelphia for a championship this evening, but it will have nothing to do with bats or gloves. Back in those heady days of ’80, it took six games for Philly to vanquish KC. This one is a one game, winner-take-all proposition, in a neutral setting, in [...]

Poll: How many starts will the Mets’ five preferred starters make in 2023?

The 1966 Dodgers utilized a four-man rotation, one that featured three future Hall of Famers and the fourth, the black sheep, pitched for 18 years and was a two-time 20-game winner. That year, Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Claude Osteen and Don Sutton combined to make 154 of the team’s 162 starts. You don’t see rotations [...]