Mets Minors: Daniel Juarez and players we missed

When you cover the minor leagues there are always players that slip through the cracks. Players who have shown to be significant talents but fail to make big enough waves to have those talents be noticed. There are a ton of reasons this happens. Some are drafted in the lower rounds and have low expectations, [...]

CBS Sports’ Mets projections, or how I learned to not worry about AI

I occasionally check the CBS Sports website including the MLB standings. The standings section includes hard data like won-lost, games behind, and run differential for each team, and also some projections. I began noticing, some time ago, that the projections were outrageous, in too many instances. The CBS computer, presumably powered by AI (artificial intelligence) [...]

Following the Mets’ indicators after a month of action

After a month of baseball, many aspects of the games are taking shape. There have been lots of rule changes the last couple of years many fans like and many fans dislike.  How these rule changes affect the Mets also varies. As Steven Shrager wrote last week, the Mets DH is a work in progress. [...]

Edwin Uceta and the necessary search for Trevor Williams’ replacement

If we go back 10-15 years ago, we see that MLB relievers as a group had consistently better ERAs than starters, typically in the .25 to .50 range. This occurred despite for the most part that the better pitchers were utilized as starters. It showed the advantage of being asked to pitch seven innings versus [...]

Kodai Senga and shifting expectations

Expectations are an interesting aspect of human psychology. They can be sky high, subdued, or somewhere in between. They’re sometimes called “premeditated resentments” when there’s a high probability that they won’t be met, which leads to all kinds of disillusioned heartache and regret. At a very basic level, we’re content when they’re met and disappointed [...]