Mets Notes: Cedeno, Hairston, 40-man issues and CRG

The Mets have reached agreement with infielder Ronny Cedeno on a one-year deal, worth just north of $1 million. The Mets had no backup shortstop on the roster so Cedeno certainly fills a need. He’s very good insurance in case Ruben Tejada regresses or if Daniel Murphy gets injured again. Cedeno is not much with [...]

The only choice at 2B for Mets is Daniel Murphy

Recently, the Mets let it be known that if they re-sign Jose Reyes, that Ruben Tejada will be the team’s starting second baseman in 2012. And if Reyes bolts, they’ll move Tejada to shortstop and have Daniel Murphy starting at second base. Many fans seem surprised by this news, figuring that Murphy’s career in the [...]

Potential Mets trading partner: Dodgers

It’s always nice to have someone worse off than you. For the Mets, we can always say – at least we’re not the Dodgers. Sure, the Dodgers won more games in 2011 and have bigger stars on the major league roster. But their ownership is a disaster, players seem unsure if they want to be [...]

Mets fans prefer to keep Ike Davis over David Wright

Last week we ran a poll at Mets360 asking which player you would least like to see traded. With 404 people voting, here were the results: Ike Davis – 55% David Wright – 28% Daniel Murphy – 6% Ruben Tejada – 6% Lucas Duda – 5% I figured that Davis and Wright would be the [...]

It’s still Groundhog Day for Nick Evans and Daniel Murphy

In 2008 the Mets did not have a starting left fielder. Angel Pagan drew the Opening Day assignment but he made just 20 starts that season. Pagan was one of 12 players to start in left for the Mets in 2008. By September manager Jerry Manuel had a platoon in left field featuring 22-year-old Nick [...]

Why the Mets should move David Wright to LF

Since the middle of 2004, David Wright has been a fixture at third base for the Mets. Since then, he’s made the All-Star team five times, finished in the top 10 in MVP voting three times and he’s claimed two Gold Glove Awards. Wright is the Mets’ all-time leader in doubles and total bases and [...]

Nature Of The Beast: .500 Mets Are Jekyll & Hyde

Apparently, I spoke too soon: fire the fanboy. I suppose this is what a .500 team looks like. A sublime string of wins, crisp games and smart play is followed by a ghastly stretch of boneheadism, vapid offense and corresponding losses. Baby steps, I suppose, but that doesn’t make the dour, Indian-pudding taste of these [...]

Mets need to move Daniel Murphy back to 2B

With Jose Reyes and David Wright both seemingly on the verge of returning from the disabled list, the Mets are inching closer to having their full offensive team available. When those stars return the obvious plan is to have Justin Turner and Ruben Tejada battle it out for the starting job at second base. But [...]

Mets struggle with 2nd spot in lineup

Fans often make big deals about who bats where in the lineup but in the overall scheme of things it does not matter very much. Now, that does not mean teams should pull their lineup out of a hat or start batting their pitcher leadoff. But the standard lineup does not come out much worse [...]

Who Are These Mets?

Four games, 52 runs scored, 69 hits, only three of which were home runs – all hit in a single game and two of those were grand slams. As Casey Stengel meant to tell us all those many years ago, “The Mets are amazin’.” Every cylinder of the offense is firing, the pitchers are unfettered [...]