Collins, Wright dustup: Much ado about nothing

If you are looking for a divisive reason for the Mets to suddenly implode, you are going to have to look elsewhere if you think the latest “disagreement” between Terry Collins and David Wright is going to fester. Frankly, it is much ado about nothing. We should all know the scenario by now. In a [...]

Mets Quotes of the Week: David Wright edition

"That kind of business I leave to Seth and Sam (Levinson, his agents). They can handle it. But I'm going to steer clear. I'm trying to play baseball. Worrying about my contract is too much. It's hard to prepare for Barry Zito as it is. It's damn near impossible if I'm thinking about business.''' -David [...]

It’s time to reward David Wright with a contract extension

Usually, teams should take all the necessary precautions when thinking of handing out long-term extensions to players approaching their 30’s. Heck, the Mets heeded that warning, by not showing Jose Reyes any love and letting him walk this past offseason. However, sometimes you have to reward the face of a franchise for being there through [...]

David Wright’s hot start fueled by low strikeout rate

I challenge anyone to look at David Wright’s numbers this year and not be giddy. A .571/.615/.857 line for a guy who had just 17 Spring Training at-bats is pretty impressive. Then you add in the fact that Wright is 5-9 since re-joining the lineup with a fractured pinkie and it becomes almost surreal. After [...]

Wright injury could open door for Valdespin

After storming out of the gate 4-0, the Mets built a lot of goodwill among its fanbase that maybe some good news was in store for the faithful this summer. However, after two straight losses on top of David Wright suffering from a fractured pinkie, a lot of people are ready to push the panic [...]

Mets Card of the Week: 2012 David Wright

1963 TOPPS HERITAGE STICK-ONS DAVID WRIGHT Topps released its annual Heritage set a few weeks back. The 2012 edition covers the 1963 set, which is best known for including the Pete Rose rookie card. The Rose rookie is perhaps one of the top 10 most noteworthy cards in collecting history, and definitely one of the [...]

Breaking news: David Wright to retire

The Mets won’t have David Wright to kick around anymore. Wright, citing continuing problems with both his back and his oblique, has decided to leave the Mets, retire from baseball and head into politics. “It’s a tremendously sad day for me,” Wright said in his farewell press conference. “But the reality is that I can [...]

Has David Wright passed Strawberry for best position player?

Who is the best position player in Mets history? The immediate answer is Darryl Strawberry although a quick look at the record book shows that Jose Reyes and David Wright also deserve consideration for that honor. Let’s look at their overall lines and then break the players down by categories. Rk Player R Age G [...]

Just what if David Wright and Jason Bay rebound in 2012?

With alterations already under way to reconfigure the fences at Citi Field, the Mets are undergoing a facelift with the hopes that it could jump-start a flailing offense. At the crux of the fence alterations is what it could mean to both David Wright and Jason Bay. Wright and Bay have seen their home run [...]