Jason Bay < Francoeur and it's time for him to go

In his last 13 games, Jason Bay is 5-45 for a .111 AVG. Normally we would dismiss this as a slump. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to write off the entire tenure of Bay with the Mets. Since joining the club as a free agent following the 2009 season, Bay has a .246/.332/.366 line. That’s [...]

Using spring stats to pick the Mets’ Opening Day roster

The Mets have played 16 Spring Training games so far and have 18 to play heading into Sunday’s game against the Cardinals. We know that Spring Training stats are “useless” and we also know that clubs make decisions based on them all the time. So, who makes the Mets based on Spring Training results so [...]

Where does Duda fit in Mets’ 2011 plans?

Barring any trades, the Mets know that they will head into the season with Jason Bay, Carlos Beltran and Angel Pagan as their everyday outfield. What remains to be seen is who will open in centerfield: Beltran or Pagan? However, another issue facing the Mets is who will be the forth outfielder? Do the Mets [...]

Mets 2011 Top 10 Prospects

One of the reasons cited for getting rid of Omar Minaya was that he did not build a strong farm system. Last year, six players who made my top prospect list contributed to the Mets and no longer have rookie eligibility. This includes Jenrry Mejia and Fernando Martinez, both who lost their rookie status because [...]

End of season report card for the Mets

For a season that opened up with hope, and which was carried to the All-Star break, the Mets once again flamed out and disappointed their fans and had their second consecutive losing season (79-83). Change is now on the horizon as GM Omar Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel were given their pink slips on Monday. [...]