Nature Of The Beast: .500 Mets Are Jekyll & Hyde

Apparently, I spoke too soon: fire the fanboy. I suppose this is what a .500 team looks like. A sublime string of wins, crisp games and smart play is followed by a ghastly stretch of boneheadism, vapid offense and corresponding losses. Baby steps, I suppose, but that doesn’t make the dour, Indian-pudding taste of these [...]

Mets’ Season Can Still Be Called A Success

I’m a fan. I’d like to think I’m a realistic, objective fan, but I know I border on being a fanboy. The Mets are my team and I root for them come hell or low wins. They say love is blind and in the world of the fanboy, it’s also deaf and dumb. I teeter [...]

Trade Deadline Finds the Mets In An Unfamiliar Position

As we rapidly approach 2011’s edition of the dreaded “Trading Deadline” (cue dramatic organ music: DUN-DUN-DUUUUUUUNNNNNH…!), the Mets are in a situation they haven’t been in since at least 2004: being courted. It only makes sense that Carlos Beltran will be traded in-season. The logical, clear-cut, business and baseball reasons have been enumerated since last [...]

Mets’ Second Half: It’s Either Sadness Or Euphoria

A Billy Joel lyric never seemed so apt. Tomorrow night (7/15), the season re-starts with a half-clean slate. This is when baseball takes on a different hue: more serious, less romantic, more about action than speculation. The stakes get raised in the second half, and the surprises of April, May and June are usually worn [...]

The Story of 2011 (So Far) As Told By Mets360

We’ve reached the halfway point of the 2011 New York Metropolitans’ baseball season, chronologically, if not statistically. The Mets sent two players to the game, one of which will play – a commendable showing for a team which had been predicted to act as the spittoon of the NL East and began the year five [...]

Where Do the Mets Go From Here?

“Walk right side? Safe. Walk left side? Safe. Walk down middle? Squish, like grape.” – Mr. Miyagi to Daniel-san in the original KARATE KID So they’ve hit a season’s high in terms of winning percentage, climbing the dizzying heights of three games over .500. So they’ve taken a second step on the way to what [...]

The 2011 Mets: Keep ‘Em Guessing

I was vacationing in the Catskills last week, and I’m not sure if I missed anything. I know that the “meaty” portion of the Inter-League schedule began with a dreadful, boring three-gamer with the Angels at Citi – and what the hell is a Tyler Chatwood, anyway? Dropping two-of-three to an Anaheim squad which is [...]

Month of June could ultimately define Alderson’s tenure with Mets

With the Mets still playing just good enough to be four games back in the Wild Card standings prior to Wednesday’s game, General Manger Sandy Alderson has some tough choices to make. Alderson will have to balance a delicate situation in the next month by trying to please a growing apathetic Mets’ fanbase, while also [...]

Alderson and Mets Fans Will Face Off

It is no secret just how passionate fans of the New York Mets are. They live and die with their team. That is unless the team dies first. The fans have always been thirsty to have homegrown players brought to their field rather than consistently offering up their prospects for players that are “ready now” [...]

Revisiting the decision to sign Chris Young

News hit Monday that Chris Young “essentially” has the same shoulder injury that Johan Santana suffered. This means his 2011 season is likely over. Everyone knew that Young was a huge injury risk but we certainly hoped he would throw more than 24 IP before he was shut down for the season. The Mets’ financial [...]

Could this be Jose Reyes’ swan song?

Some cringe at the thought, while others seem content moving in a different direction, but the universal thought of Jose Reyes not being the Mets everyday shortstop beyond this year would be anything but weird. We’re not talking about Derek Jeter leaving the Yankees weird, but Jose Reyes and the Mets together have been synonymous [...]